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    I lost my father back in April this year. My family found out on a Thursday and he died the next Wednesday. I made Varsity on my Cross Country team and usually it was him I would go to, to tell that kind of stuff. But he is gone now and I can't do anything about it. I'm also enrolled in a college US History class and it sucks because I enrolled in it because my dad and I would always be able to talk about it. He was the ONLY person that was able to get me to understand it. When I had work that I needed help with my dad would be there for me and I don't know how to deal with life. I rarely ever sleep in my bedroom I will usually sleep on the couch in the family room and I think I do that because that is where he died. When we found out he was sick and they couldn't do anything about it I made sure to stay by his side the whole time. I was with him when he died laying next to him in a recliner. I pray a lot asking God to let my dad visit me in my dreams but I never see him. I wouldn't even care if it was a nightmare just as long as I got to see my dad I would be fine with it but no matter how many times I pray for that, it never happens.
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    Damaris123, First, I want to say I'm truly sorry for the loss of your Dad, my heart breaks for you because I can relate to the heartache and pain you feel... I lost my Dad 13 years ago, April 19, 2005 he was 59... I myself wished for the same a sign, in dream or just anything... I would get so frustrated because my mom would tell me things she was experiencing and knew it was my dad, my parents separated when I was 21, so hearing my mom talk her experience sorta made me feel angry... It wasn't until almost a year after my dads passing I had my first dream of him, it was so real it didn't seem as if it was a dream, when I woke up I was extremely shaken up, I remember feeling happy but also began crying because of the heartache, my emotions were spinning out of control... Some people may think I'm crazy because not everyone believes that these experiences, signs or occurrences are real and that's okay... I honestly believe that our "Loved Ones" know when the time is right and when we are emotionally ready for however they come to us or whatever sign they send to us... Just give it time and when the timing is the right time I'm sure you will have what you are waiting to receive...
    Amanda Lea
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    Sorry to hear about your father. I lost my mother in May. You may have a dream about him some day or you may never have one. Sometimes, these things are more subtle. Perhaps you will hear a certain song or detect a certain smell. I was cleaning out my room and found an old birthday card that my mother had given me. Was finding it just a coincidence or her way of saying she was still around? I don't know. I hope you find whatever sign you are looking for.
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    I lost my dad to ALS about a week ago. Im 22 still in school and i dont know how to feel right now it still doesn't feel real. We took care of him for 3 long years and it still feels like I am in caregiver mode, having to worry. But now that he's gone my life doesn't feel the same.
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    I lost my dad September 13th unexpectadly he was 47 years old. The night he died I could have swore I heard him calling my name. My brother got a voicemail from his phone the night after and it was my dad.... No one has touched my dads phone since he passed. He will come to you it just might take some time...
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    Sorry for your loss. I lost both my parents just recently, my dad. I feel for u. And I understand your feelings about wanting him to communicate with u through dreams. You mention alot how you always went to him, he was basically your rock for anything you needed. Try to take him not visiting in your dreams yet as a sign that he wants you to take a step back and try to learn to navigate through life without Him and once you accept that even though he's not here physically he's with you spiritually and you're going to be ok once you accept that and he sees YOU got this, then you will be strong enough to communicate through dreams. I think that you being so close with him, him visiting you so soon would just leave you feeling more sad when you wake up and not give u that time you need to grieve but once you had that time he will come around and u will wake up happy and empowered that he showed up for a visit. Hope this all makes sence.