Living without him now.

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Collinsar11, May 27, 2020.

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    My son had his demons, he was not perfect. He had addiction to drugs, he would try to clean up then, life got hard and he would basically say why try and use again. I tried to help, sometimes me helping just hurt him by giving him a free place to live gave him no worries and money for drugs. So tough love. I gave him a meal but nothing more. He lived under a bridge or from one drug user to the next. He would steal to provide for himself. He during this time he got a girl pregnant. She took off he spiraled landed in prison from age 26 to 30. He was able to see his son only once. My son got out july 3,2017 and died of meth and fentanyl toxicity August 21, 2017 the day of the eclipse.
    I still struggle everyday.
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    Darling my son who was a genius IQ 175. Ended up using heroin, homeless, eating out of dumpsters, going to jail. Even though I was a strict parent. A cop!! He ended up living with me at 29 with brain cancer. 9 months I cared for him. Ruined my marriage. Became an alcoholic. Live with my daughter. So your not alone honey. Losing a kid...... Shit
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    My son died Sept11, 2020. He had liver disease. I make excuses like he didn't tell me what was really going on in his life (he was 37 when he died in the hospital), the truth is I didn't really listen. He minimized his problems, even sometimes would laugh at them until almost to the end. My "should haves, could haves" are enough to drive me crazy. I go from anger at everyone and everything to crying/grieving. I am all over the place with my emotions. I don't eat well. I don't sleep well. In the past years, we had stayed in touch, but now I can't text or talk with him. There is such a part missing. It is hard.
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    I’m so sorry for your loss I recently lost my son in a tragic car accident he was 23 only and his life was taken in a instant I’m thinking the same as you the we spoke every day and texted he moved back home 7 weeks before he passed tho now I sit and look at my phone wishing there was a incoming call from him or a little text. People start getting on with life and I feel empty