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    My 21 year old son was shot and killed on February 26, 2021. We live in a very small county in Central Pennsylvania. The DA just told me on Monday that he is planning to offer a plea to the murderer.

    The man that killed my son is from a wealthy family. I found out today that the DA and the father of the murderer graduated from high school together.

    I am terrified that Jakob's killer will go free. I have been denied access to the police report. The night of the murder we were told by 2 state troopers that our son "suffered a fatal gunshot wound." We were then immediately told to "go home and contact the coroner in the morning."

    There were a minimum of 7 people present at the time of the shooting, though I only know the names of 5, 1 of which was my son.

    Does anyone have any similar circumstances, advice or knowledge about ensuring that I am able to get some kind of justice for my son?
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    Brewery Hollow Homicide: Gathering with friends ends in death
    [​IMG] March 1, 2021
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    WOODWARD TOWNSHIP, PA – The criminal complaint filed in the shooting death of Jakob Lee Haines last Friday night contains additional details on the incident which ended with the arrest of Brian St. John III, 19, the young man charged with shooting and killing his friend during a gathering at the St. John home atop Brewery Hollow Road in Woodward Township.

    Haines, 21, from Beech Creek, was pronounced dead at the scene Friday night by Clinton County Coroner Zach Hanna, about an hour after the 8:30 p.m. shooting.

    According to allegations contained in the criminal complaint from investigator/Trooper Timothy Wright, “Several people, including his friend, Jakob Lee Haines, were present for said gathering. At some point during the evening, St. John III removed a Taurus Judge revolver from a kitchen drawer, pointed it at Haines and pulled the trigger. Haines sustained a gunshot wound in the center of his chest, which resulted in his death.”

    The complaint states that when police arrived, the accused was kneeling over the victim and applying pressure to his chest. Police advised St. John to go outside. Lock Haven police officer Stephen Nero went outside and asked St. John III what happened. According to the criminal complaint, St. John III replied, “they were inside the house messing around with the gun and it went off.” The complaint allegation said the officer asked who was holding the gun and St. John III said he was.

    State police later interviewed several witnesses who observed the shooting; all three, Kylea Noel Yerger, Ross Glossner and Bobby Bowmaster, related they saw the accused point the gun at Haines and “discharge the gun.”

    Meanwhile St. John III remains in the Clinton County Correctional Facility since his arrest early Saturday. St. John III has been charged with criminal homicide, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person. Clinton County District Attorney Dave Strouse said St. John’s first court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday, March 2 at 8:30 a.m.