I miss my mom & feel lonely

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    Hi, I’m new to this site. I lost my mom three months ago. I’m only 23, and I have a younger sister still in high school. My mom had been in the hospital for a skin infection, but she was fine. She had a minor procedure, all went well, she was on antibiotics and was going to be released soon. My dad was with her most of the day before she passed. The hospital called shortly after he had left asking him to come back because my mom fell. He then called me to come home and get dinner with my sister so she wasn’t alone. When he came home a few hours later he told us that our mom had fallen while the nurses were getting her up to go to the bathroom, had a heart attack, and passed away. Later that night we went to say our goodbyes in the hospital room.
    I feel like my world has fallen apart since then. I am a first year teacher, and because of COVID, the day she passed was also my last day with my students this school year. Being a first year teacher is hard enough—add my mom passing it is a new level of hard. Thankfully my school year is just about finished now.
    I feel so lost and lonely. I am devastated. My mom and I had a rocky relationship at times, but in the past year everything was so so good. I keep crying all the time. I feel like I don’t know how to express my feelings other than saying I’m sad. I feel like there is nothing to look forward to because my mom won’t be there. My sister graduates high school next year and I graduate grad school with my masters, but my mom wont get to see us do it. My mom was my biggest supporter, especially in the past year. She always knew when something was wrong, and always assured me that I’d be ok. I feel so lonely ending my school year as a teacher and not being able to share my stories with her anymore.
    I miss my mom so much. I feel like no one understands how I’m feeling. Dealing with covid plus this is so hard. Also my dad is talking to another woman already, and that feels so unfair to my mom and upsets me so much.
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    Danielle Theresa
    I am very sorry to hear of your loss at this time plus the Corona virus. This must be very difficult for you thank you for sharing your feelings thank you for sharing. Sharing is one way plus I saw that there is a grief process a process online to work in an I saw in a reply that Karyon one of the administrators on this web site is helpful
    I Am Sending you a long squeezing hug of love to you know you are loved an cared for
    I Love You
    We Care For You
    We Support You
    We Respect You
    We Love You
    I Love You
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. On top of things with Corona it must feel overwhelming. I lost my mom almost two years ago and just graduated high school this year, the milestones are so dang hard. I get the feeling lonely and not being able to tell your mom all the new things going on in your life. One thing I did today is record a voice memo and pretended it was a voicemail to her. It was mostly me crying trying to get the words out but it felt good. Theres so many ups and downs with grief and I'm so sorry for your loss.