I lost my soulnate pauline

Discussion in 'LGBTQ Loss' started by Caseypauline, Sep 10, 2021.

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    I lost my soulmate pauline in April it will be 5 months next week she is the love of my life my best friend my everything I was her first and only girlfriend and partner we would have got married this year we had 20 years and 8 months together it wasn't long enough I feel so lost and empty and broken without her I miss her so much it hurts every second of everyday I'm so isolated I go weeks without talking to anyone I haven't been around anyone since her funeral which was in May I have a dog and 2 cats to take care of they keep me going I don't know how to do life without her my heart is broken
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    I'm so sorry for what you are going through. That is a long time to be together and then suddenly have your soulmate pass. Isolation when you are grieving makes everything worse, I think. The chat room on here has been helpful to me in the past few weeks (my father passed in August, mother in April). I'm pretty new myself, but everyone has been welcoming. We just talk and hold on. Anyway, here's a virtual hug. I also have a cat, and I know what you mean about how they keep you going! I think they can tell when we are hurting. Wishing you some peace and comfort - I hope you will join us in chat sometime. Deep breaths. Hugs!
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    Hi I am so very sorry for your losses I know how hard it is to lose your parents and so close together its even harder do you have siblings for support? My pets are great they give me a reason to keep going and comfort me take care