I lost my mom due to complications of Covid

Discussion in 'Loss to COVID-19' started by LizabethArmijo2020, May 18, 2021.

  1. LizabethArmijo2020

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    I’m giving this a try. My therapist gave me all these websites to help “cope” with the loss of my mother who passed away due to complications with Covid. I watched her have a slow death, and was with her every day until the day that I watched her take her last breath. An image that will haunt me for a lifetime. Now, 5 months later, I’m starting to feel the motions. Anger. Sadness. Relief. Everything.
  2. TheRando

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    Im sorry about your mother. No one should have to leave this world in the way this virus makes it happen. I lost my father due to covid last August. If you ever need to chat feel free to message me. Im still trying to figure things out too. The anger and sadness together takes a toll on the mind. Im not sure if its any help but i just want you to know you aren't alone. Sometimes it feels like that.
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    I too lost my mother but for me she was in the hospital and is was not even able to stand by her nor hug her when she was struggling with life. Due to COVID I was not able to meet her for one last time and it's been 2 months and it feels like eternity. If you want we can chat.
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    Hello. I’m new here and I see that almost all of these posts are very old. I came here hoping for some help too. I too lost my beautiful Mom to Covid on August 1, 2020 and I’ve just been flailing about alone. I had a therapist for about 3 months but her brother got cancer and she just up and left. I guess I felt abandoned and didn’t bother to find another. I was with my Mom every day for the last week in hospice, and with her as she passed on. However she was alone for three weeks in the hospital suffering alone. To FaceTime and see her like that so sad and scared was horrible. To watch her die and not be able to save her has been horrible. I lost my step mother whom I loved so much also to a sudden unexpected heart attack on June 15, 2019. I had barely began to process that.