i dont sleep in the middle of the bed

Discussion in 'Loss of Spouse' started by susan beaulieu, Jun 17, 2021.

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    my husband was a very large man and i hung over the left side of our bed.i will admit it annoyed me however i find myself still choosing to sleep hung over my side of the bed. i line up my essentials; tv remote my glasses my phone my book next to me on his side of the bed and i feel the space is occupied.as if hes still here.it gives me comfort.
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    Oh my goodness, I do the same thing. The remotes and phone, glasses. The dogs even avoid his side of the bed. I do feel his presence at times. Yes I agree, it is comforting.
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  3. We had just changed sheets the day of my wife's passing so I went and grabbed her pillow case and put the old one back on her pillow. I usually hug it as I go to bed and talk to her and then I sometimes put it behind me because she always snuggled up behind me when we slept. She was always ice cold and would rub her cold hands and feet on me to warm up. It was always a little annoying and I just begged her to keep them in one spot instead of constantly moving the cold around but she never did. It's amazing how much I miss that. I miss that feeling of her being there when I roll over and I even miss her snoring. She needed our adjustable bed tipped a little so her head was higher and I think I will always have to sleep like that now. It feels weird not to.

    I do miss all the little things. Especially at night when the kids were all upstairs doing their thing and it was just the two of us. We didn't even have to talk or anything but I miss her just being there.
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    my husband clicked his throat when he breathed..i always asked him pleeeeeze stop.my daughter used to scold him for breathing too loud. he used a cpap &it would whoosh & whistle when it wasnt adjusted properly..no matter how many people are in this apt its just strangely too quiet..you walk in the door and a huge presence is missing
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    It's funny what we miss isn't it.
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    For me there seems to always be a void. Even in a crowd I feel lonely.
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    I agree with the feeling of loneliness. I don't care who I'm around I always feel empty. He always made me feel.like I had a place somewhere now i feel.like my place is gone. Its because piece of is gone. I miss the good and bad days. Praying we all get stronger with each passing day.
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