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  1. This is my first post to this support group, so pardon the formatting. My father (62) was diagnosed this past January with terminal brain-cancer: Glioblastoma (GBM). He passed in July. Throughout the process, I was his caregiver and acting primary power of attorney. His competency and independence spiraled so quickly that he never made it back home - 3 hospitals, 1 acute rehab, 1 sub-acute rehab, and assisted living (where hospice was enacted). I'm struggling not only with the loss of my father, but the disappointment I feel for the lack of support given to me by my family. I have one older brother, a mother who has long been divorced to my father, and handful of aunts/uncles/cousins in the area.

    I feel like I had to grow to take care of an impossible situation. I leaned hard on therapy, friends, and the flexibility of my work to give my dad the care and respect he deserved. I don't feel like my family was able or willing to do the same. Yesterday I met up with an uncle, aunt and my brother. I told them I felt neglected this year and had expected more fairness given this conglomeration of crises. I got the results I expected from that. I'm trying hard to pick the pieces of my life back up, but I'm weighing my familial relationships.
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    Death shows you who people really is. You want to believe your family will behave like family but some just show how selfish and petty they are.
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    My siblings and I basically took care of our mother, six of us. Me and one brother retired so we spent the most time. There were equal sacrifices so we were blessed. I do realize all families r not alike. Sorry for what you endured. The loss is great enough.