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    Thursday June 6th was the worst day of my life, my fiancé went to a Nationals game and never made it home. Our wedding was going to be in October and she was going to be heading out for her bachelorette party in less than a week from that thursday. When she didn't get home by the time she said she should be back I was a little worried but thought maybe her phone died or something. An hour more passed and I really started to worry so I went out to find her, I checked the train station she drove to just to see if her car was there, texted everyone I could. When I had no idea what to do next I felt like I had to report her missing to the police. A few hours later I got in contact with someone who was at the game with her and I was in such panic mode the whole time I didn't even think to try the find my iphone thing. Which led me to the police barracks where they eventually told me that she was in a single car accident and I will never forget the words she used, "Shannon was in an accident and she succumbed to her injuries". When I heard it I felt like instantly that so much of me just washed away and this is what remains. I still hear those words playing in my head over and over as if that officer is still sitting right next to me like she was that night. Going back to work has been horrible, just sitting at my desk all day in the quiet makes everything come back. I just miss her so much.
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    JMayer1033, I'm so very sorry to hear about the sudden, tragic loss of your beloved Shannon. Many of us here at Grief in Common have lost our spouses/SOs and know what that deep soul-wrenching loss feels like. We've lost more than half of our self, overnight. I know how hard it is when so many plans and dreams are lost in an instant.

    Keep coming back here, read what others have shared here, hopefully you'll take some comfort.

    This grief journey will take everything you have, so do what you can to take care of yourself. Mostly, take small steps one day at a time. I pray that you find peace of mind and heart. God bless you.

    ~ Michael