Excepting the things we can change , asking God to change things He can...

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    Too be completely honest the last 45 days, I've yelled at God, screamed at Him; blamed Him for my loss...But to be honest I know he didn't take my Aimee,I know He has placed her in heaven for me too meet again.
    I'm saying this because God has helped me when I asked to deal with this pain. It's not something I could change, so I asked God for break, a stop to this terrible heartache.This was his territory. To come to my surprise the intensity meter was turned way down. I really didn't think I could take it anymore, I told Him you help me deal with this Or I'm done. I was in my bed late that night crying my eyes out. Telling Him I can't live this way.
    I woke that morning to find something had changed, something was different.
    The intensity was 11 now turned down to a 2.

    Now I'm not claiming that God fixed all my pain and took it all away. Honestly I don't want him to do that...but Iam a believer of "the squeaky wheel gets the grease."

    This also doesn't mean this is a quick fix to anything, but im sharing an experience. That has helped me when I was at my wits end.

    I understand God is not a wish granter or a genie, but I do believe if you "ask for help you get it.
    I hope this helps those hurting out there.
    Life is hard, keep talking on here, keep venting. Keep a relationship with your "high power".
    I still hurt for Aimee. But the intensity off that hurt has been turned down at least for now.
    - Jonathan S. A man of many experiences...
    Love you all be strong.