Delayed anxiety/grief?

Discussion in 'Loss of Both Parents' started by Bah0415, Jan 30, 2021.

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    Hi. New here. My quick story. I moved away from family 2 year’s ago. Mom was in great health, dad suffered from advanced Parkinson’s. She was his caretaker. Mom fell ill one day with Brain cancer. I rushed home (1000 miles) to get dad into a facility as we couldn’t care for him. We had to help mom. Dad died unexpectedly 2 months later, I feel from loneliness. We focused on mom. She passed 4 months later. Both only 68. Also, my beloved dog of 19 years passed 2 weeks before my dad.

    I had to be the strong one and get it all done. I didn’t cry one time.

    4 months later we bought a home, got settled, sold my parents home. Still didn’t cry. Finally, 6 months later, meditation allowed me to purge some emotions. Felt great. Now, a year after mom passed I am overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. Not sure how to control it or if this is really what delayed grieving is. I can talk about their death and not get choked up still. My whole body feels anxious. Just don’t know if this is all still suppressed.
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    I am sorry for your losses. I lost my parents longer ago than I knew them. I lost my dad when I was 6 and my mom at 14. I struggle with anxiety a lot. Have you ever heard of hospice? They offer small group therapy and larger group therapy.