Dad...I miss you

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    My dad passed April 1 2018 and I don't know what I'm feeling.
    He had a brain hemmorage Jan 2017 and was in the hospital for 5 months recovering.My mom brother and I fought to bring him back from being totally disabled to walking talking and some what self sufficient..He had another brain bleed on March 26 and caught a infection in hospital. His hear could not keep up with the demands.
    We were there when he passed..I miss him terrbly..
    I'm so afraid right now..afraid to not think about him because I don't want to forget..I then feel the need to keep busy so I won't think..I still think he is home then it hits. I have nightmares of him being lost ..Then I have moments of feeling normal. I'll laugh or watch TV thinking this is wrong..my dad passed a week ago and I'm happy..
    I just want to know if this is normal
    I know it's still very very new
    Thank you
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    Hello, I lost my father in March of 2017.
    The pain seemed to be worse than anything I have ever been through.
    I understand that it feels as though you are alone and this will never end, but it will.
    Think about all the things your father would want you to be doing, do all of them to make him proud, I don't know if there is a heaven or a hell, but I know that if there is he is looking down thinking of how proud he is of you for going on. If you need anyone to vent or talk to I am here. I know its kind of hard to talk to those who knew him about it all sometimes.