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Discussion in 'Dealing With Multiple Losses' started by Crowe, Aug 31, 2020.

  1. Crowe

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    In December of 2019 my mom went into a back surgery and ended up passing away. My husband was my rock through all of this. Then my husband got Covid and his lungs could not be repaired. He passed away August 2, 2020. I feel so lost and numb scared to know what will happen next.
  2. HW2927

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    I am so sorry for your losses. My husband recently passed away and I feel so alone and scared too. Some
    days I just stare out the window in disbelief. It is horrible. I totally understand how you feel. Numb is a good way to put it.
  3. Chris M 2000

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    Hello Crowe. So sorry to hear of your painful losses. I can't imagine having to deal with two losses in a row so close to each other. It sounds like you and your husband were bonded very closely. No wonder this is so much grief and pain. In a way, our grief is a sign of the closeness of the relationship. No wonder you are worried about what will happen next.
    When my mother went through a divorce, I told her numerous times that God will never put more on you than you can handle without making a way of escape. Then when we lost our 28-year-old son to suicide, I said, "God you must have been wrong about this one thing. I cannot possibly make it through another day.
    I considered suicide myself but knew it was not acceptable. I just kept hanging on knowing that God was the only one who could help me-and He did. It was not an easy path to walk on, as it will not be for you either, but grieving never is. It is hard work. But it is amazing for someone who knew they could not endure another day, to see that I have travelled down that path and here I am 20 years later.
    Hang on. Don't give up. There is hope for you. Cling to hope with all your might.
    You can make it in your new life. I know we want the old life back, but that is not within our grasp. We must go on in our new reality.
    I care for you.
  4. Chris M 2000

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    Life will never be the same and neither will you-but this new life can be good too.