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  1. I lost both of my parents seven days apart in November 2018 after they had been crazy-happily married for 73 years. They lived at home (the home I grew up in) with the assistance of caregivers in addition to my and my husband’s care and oversight. Mommy had Alzheimer’s but still knew Daddy me my husband and our daughter. (However she had lost all of her language skills.) Daddy had liver disease but prayed daily that he would outlive Mom so that she would never have to suffer grief from his absence and so that he could rest assured knowing that he did everything possible to keep her comfortable. They were 93. When she died on 11/15/18 he praised God earnestly for granting his prayer; then almost immediately sunk into deep despair because he quickly admitted that he couldn’t live without her. He died on 11/22/19 Thanksgiving Day. I adored them both. I have never known grief like this before. Sometimes it takes my breath away without warning. And then I catch it only to grieve harder. Thank you “griefincommon” for this outlet.
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    Wow, what a sweet story. Your parents sound like beautiful people and I'm so sorry that you're having to learn to live without them now. I lost my Dad earlier this year and now my Mom is dying from terminal cancer. It is such a difficult transition but I just try to remind myself that this is the natural order of things. Thank goodness I had them in my life and they didn't have to endure my passing. Make sure to reach out to your community and hopefully our grief will lift soon.