Anyone from canada

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  1. Matt71

    Matt71 Member

    Anyone living in Canada?
  2. salishsea

    salishsea New Member

    Hi Matt71, I am Canadian. I live on the west coast. Where do you live?
  3. Matt71

    Matt71 Member

    Nice, I live little west Edmonton Alberta.
  4. Prairie Gal

    Prairie Gal New Member

    Yes, I live in Winnipeg. Just lost my dear 3 and a half year older brother, age 69, to pancreatic cancer on Aug.25.
  5. Suzger

    Suzger New Member

    Yes - an hour east of Toronto
  6. Lowry

    Lowry New Member

    I'm also in Canada- Ontario
  7. KennerIII

    KennerIII Member

    Yup. North of Toronto. Hi there, fellow Canucks.
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  8. Lindsay17

    Lindsay17 New Member

    From Canada as well, north of Toronto..
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  9. Condo

    Condo New Member

    Hi Canucks. I’m from Cape Breton.
  10. Gaby

    Gaby Member

    Hi Matt, I live south of Winnipeg
  11. Gaby

    Gaby Member

    And lost my dear husband 4 years ago.
    Where are you from Matt?
  12. Gaby

    Gaby Member

    Hi !
  13. Lost Girl

    Lost Girl Member

    Hi fellow Canadians, I'm about an 1 1/2 east of Toronto.
  14. Gaby

    Gaby Member

    I am from southern Manitoba
  15. Cdnwidower

    Cdnwidower Member

    Central Ontario. New to this site.
  16. Gaby

    Gaby Member

    Hi Canadian neighbour,
    You had a precious relationship, and you will forever cherish walking through it together. My deepest sympathies. This is so fresh for you. You are taking wee steps to heal by reaching out.
  17. Cdnwidower

    Cdnwidower Member

    Thanks Gaby, I have lots of support, but not many people that are in my boat.
  18. Gaby

    Gaby Member

    I completely understand. I have my family which is great but they don’t understand. I do have a friend who has lost her husband through sickness, but not suddenly like my husband. But, still, it is good to share.
  19. JackieH1029

    JackieH1029 Active Member

    There's Dave. Who goes with the moniker Cdnwidower

    Grief is universal. The pain we undergo is the same. The confusion, the far and uncertainity. Death is a weird equalizer. We all suffer and aim to heal.
  20. Heyhoney

    Heyhoney Active Member

    Hey all I just joined I am from the Guelph, Ontario area
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