Anticipatory Grief - wife has terminal cancer

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    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post - I'm reaching out to try and find support from other people who are experiencing grief and loss in their 30s.

    My wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in January this year - it's a horrible, rare type called mucinous cancer that spreads fast. It's stage 4 and terminal, we aren't sure how long we have but it's been suggested as weeks.

    We have a newborn, a baby boy who is currently 4 weeks old. She's devastated and doesn't want to leave me or him - it's excruciating watching her physical and mental pain every day.

    My wife is 32 years old - it's so cruel and unfair that she has this disease so young, with a new baby and her whole life still to live.

    I'm also in my 30s and getting used to being a new mum. I'm terrified about how I'm going to cope with losing the love of my life. I'm not sure how to do life without her.

    I've tried to connect with local cancer support groups, but unfortunately most of the volunteers and supports are older people who have lost their partners later in life. Not to take away from the pain and hardship of older people's experiences...I'm sure it's just as difficult, if not more so. But its just different to what my experience is like as a younger person, starting a young family.

    If anyone is going through something similar i would love to connect and talk - share experiences and ideas of how to get through this.

    Much love and support - Dee
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    Just joined and reading this for the first time. How are you.
    I live in NH, am 58 and have a wife with terminal cancer. We have 4 children ages 8-26.