All three of my siblings left the planet NOT by natural causes

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    Dec 2009 my sister Brenda died from liver failure from alcoholism at the age of 47, she struggled with alcoholism starting at age 14 or so, in 2005 she ended up in a coma for 5 weeks complications of liver failure, she survived despite doctors saying she wouldn't. She did live 5 more years but couldn't stop drinking. May 4 2013 I found my Sister Annette died from a GSW to her head she was 48 yrs old, final straw breakup from 19 year relationship. June 22 2020 my sister Susan was murdered by her husband of 1 year , I begged her to leave him several times before she said they were getting married last Feb. she was 59. I went to Florida to help my nephew, found out a lot more grewsome details about what all he did to her : (. I helped him go threw her things attempting to avoid seeing the aftermath of the fight and gunshots OMG!!! Now how to make sense and meaning of our lives and their deaths???? Where to go from here......... at 54 Lone Survivor : (
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    Wow, that's a lot to go thru. I'm so sorry. I know it's got to be hard. I'll pray for you and wish you the best in the way you cope with things.
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    Thank you Mcollins how are you doing? Who have you lost?